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27 June 2023

Coloring Book
How to draw - stylish dresses and fashion - for kids, ages 8-12

The coloring book is still under design, it will be soon


We invite all young dress designers!
 Get ready to unleash your creativity with the book

How to Draw - Stylish Dresses and Fashion - For Kids Ages 8-12
The age mentioned is just approximate; in reality, anyone can use it at any age and try their skills. 
Transferring the drawing onto a grid will facilitate the drawing process,
 and eventually master the art of creating fantastic designs on your own.
 Don't give up too quickly; beginnings are always challenging, and practice makes perfect!

In this over 100-page coloring book, you will find 20 inspiring dresses, ranging from elegant everyday wear to ball gowns that will awaken your fashion spirit.
 You will also discover places where you can replicate the designs independently or create something entirely unique.
 Grab your pencil, eraser, and colored pencils, and let's embark on our creative journey of drawing dresses! 
This book is perfect for children who love fashion and want to nurture their artistic talents. 
Awaken the artist within you!


Presenting a sneak peek of the cover from both sides


The beautiful purple-pink cover with an illustrative graphic invites children to join in the fun of learning to draw dresses on a grid. On the back of the cover, you can get a glimpse of what to expect inside. This coloring book can be a wonderful gift for various occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or even for keeping entertained during vacations or while recovering from an illness.


Inside the coloring book


Here, you will find an example where a pre-drawn dress is placed on the grid. On the right side, the dress is left blank, allowing children to fill it in step by step (grid by grid). This method aims to facilitate their work while developing their fine motor skills, imagination, and patience.

Next, there is a dress where children can trace and color. On the opposite side, they can try their skills without the assistance of a pre-drawn image.

The final section features a blank page where children can freely create another dress without referencing the image or unleash their creativity to design unique projects. On the right side, there is a female figure where they can draw their dress or experiment with creating one-of-a-kind designs.





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