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12 October 2023

Halloween Coloring & Activity Book for Kids ages 4-12

Holiday - Halloween!


This magical publication will take you on an unforgettable adventure where each page is filled with fascinating details, and every illustration will transport you straight to the heart of this highly anticipated October holiday - Halloween!

Inside, you'll find scary yet cute illustrations: pumpkins, spiders, candies, and much more.


Mazes, shadow play, and connect-the-dots activities.


Puzzles like shadow play, mazes, and connect-the-dots help foster logical thinking and cognitive skills in children while providing a fascinating Halloween-related activity.




Coloring supports the development of creativity, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and concentration.


Our book contains over 80 pages, including:


✓ 40 coloring images

✓ 17 mazes

✓ 16 dot to dot

✓ 7 shadow matching games


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